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Steve Woodward is a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner,Welcome!
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At Professional Kinesiology Services we use the latest techniques in Kinesiology to bring the body into balance thereby allowing it to heal itself. Each person's health and well being is ultimately their responsibility. However, just as knowledge in every area of science is increasing rapidly, so it is in regard to the understanding of how our body’s function. Frequently, the latest discoveries and science prove that our past understanding of how our body functions is actually quite different than what is now known. At PKS we use and teach, the latest, cutting edge information to help each person function closer to their optimum. The physical body, the emotions and the nutritional components are integrally related. An imbalance in one area is related to imbalances in other areas. By re-establishing balance in all three areas, profound effects are usually the result. Symptoms often fall by the wayside. Pain reduction, improved function, improved attitudes as well as an overall sense of well being often occur.
At Professional Kinesiology Services we offer:

Therapy sessions Many people come to us seeking relief from a physical complaint. The individual may have been given a particular diagnosis. If a person has problems of any kind, there is an imbalance of some type. Imbalances may be the source of pain, dysfunction, inflammation and many other symptoms. A Professional Kinesiology Practitioner does not treat specific “diagnosis”, but works to restore the normal flow of the subtle energy within the body. Once the imbalances have been removed, clients usually report relief from a myriad of chronic symptoms such as Fibromyalgia, Carpal tunnel Syndrome, Bursitis, and Tendonitis, etc. as balance is restored. Instead of treating the symptoms, our therapy sessions focus on removing the imbalances which cause the symptoms. Therapy sessions are scheduled on an hourly basis.


National Athletic Trainers AssociationProfessional Kinesiology Services’ Touch for Health™ classes are approved by the Board of Certification (BOC) which is the only organization that approves Continuing Education for Athletic Trainers throughout the U.S.

The Touch for Health™ classes are approved for continuing education (CE/CEUs) for Nurses (in most states), Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists.

Classes for Professionals and Laypersons

K-Power® Classes - Cutting Edge Workshops Bringing the Power of Choice and Change – Breakthrough discoveries in the integration of eastern and western medicine provide the basis for the K-Power® series. These classes provide the professional healthcare worker or interested layperson with the ability to apply these powerful techniques to their practice and life. K-power® classes are specifically targeted for immediate application.

Touch for Health Classes- Similar in content to K-Power®, the Touch for Health series of classes is the original instructional format which first brought the integration of eastern and western medical concepts into public awareness. Touch for Health (TFH) is taught in over 55 countries and has been the the foundation from which dozens of cutting edge therapies have been birthed. For a comprehensive broad spectrum understanding of energy medicine enroll now for our next scheduled class or contact us to arrange for a class in your area.

Athletic performance optimization and rehabilitation – In current medical practice the focus is on treating a specific diagnosis. Once the Diagnosis or Problem is treated or masked the medical treatment is over. There is no protocol for improving or “optimizing” health or performance. With a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP) balance we are accessing the body’s subtle energy flows through feedback from the muscles that are powered by these energy circuits. Because the brain knows the condition of every cell in the body and what it needs, by goal setting and receiving instantaneous feedback from the body the Practitioner can find and correct imbalances that are inhibiting the person from meeting that goal.

These PKP balances with a goal are very powerful and are effective for not only athletic performance but helping people reach closer to their potential in every area of their life. Much of the reason we don’t reach or full potential is that we have emotional hurts and wounds that trigger “sabotage programs” to develop. A sabotage program is basically a defense mechanism that we took on earlier in life that may have been a helpful way to handle a situation at that time but may actually be blocking us in different areas of our life and stopping us from reaching our full potential. These can be in relationships, career, commitments, etc.

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If you are new to Kinesiology:
Click Here to read answers to questions our clients have asked.  They may help you to get a better understanding about kinesiology and how it is different from other therapies.

Stephen Woodward is one of a very small number of Professional Kinesiology Practitioners in the United States. He is certified as a K-Power® and Touch for Health Instructor and teaches regularly. He continues to learn both through his daily experience working with clients and attending cutting edge training on the latest discoveries.

Stephen was an independent contractor in the Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) area of the Goshen Health Systems for 4 years. In 2006 he opened his own office to expand and diversify services.

Professional Kinesiology Services, LLC (PKS) is conveniently located in Goshen, Indiana,
mid-way between Chicago, Detroit, and Indianapolis.


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